Darren Hall

I’m a freelance frontend developer based in Manchester.

With over 15 years of commercial experience I develop responsive, performant and accessible websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I’ve done a lot of React work recently and have also done a fair few Node, Gatsby and Jekyll sites.

I use Webpack in my build automation and have previously used Gulp and Grunt extensively. I’m currently moving my deployment from Travis CI to Buddy.


  • CSS and Sass
  • HTML
  • JS, ES5 and ES6+
  • Node, Webpack, Gulp
  • React, Jekyll, Gatsby and Angular
  • CI and TDD

Test Driven Development

Mocha and Chai are my go to test tools, but I have also used Jasmine and Karma. I have some experience using BackstopJS to create automated visual regression tests.

Experienced with WordPress and Craft CMS

I have previously worked with extensively with WordPress, and more recently with Craft CMS. My previous work as an Object-Oriented PHP developer with CakePHP, CodeIgniter and Symfony allows me to get the most out of these systems.

Sitecore and Umbraco friendly

Many of the projects I have worked on in the last few years used a .NET CMS, and I am skilled at working with both Sitecore and Umbraco. I am adept at integrating Razor templates and have a working knowledge of editing controllers and tests.

Currently available from May

If you’re interested in working with me then I’d love to hear from you! I’m currently available from the start of May 2019.

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